Adobe Dreamweaver CS5| Introduction and Review

Dreamweaver cs5 is a handy tool and application which empowers designers to enhance the website design with a variety of tool and simple and user-friendly Interface UI. Dreamweaver was bought by adobe in 2005 and now adobe has made huge changes with it’s UI and functionality. That’s why it has attracted more users to become the Dreamweaver cs5 user. Dreamweaver has made the designing process easy and reliable than ever. You can create new designs or even can play with existing content on frameworks like WordPress and Drupal.

Features of Dreamweaver Cs5

  • The interface of Dreamweaver is simple and easy to understand for any designer to work with it. Windows users will find it quite easy and enjoyable while working in such UI but Mac user might find it odd it.
  • It provides access and the live view of the pages which helps the user to preview the page easily without wasting time.
  • It displays the visually the properties of the CSS, user can find it out by hovering over the blocks.
  •  Enjoy the live previewing of web pages with Dreamweaver with multiple and comparison tool. In the end, it helps to preview the content of the pages quickly on the web browsers.
  • Dreamweaver provides a very controlled and manageable environment which allows deleting, copy and move file easily.
  • With Dreamweaver code more easily and in a faster way than ever. Dreamweaver provides the code hinting and displays the syntax properly. The code hinting supports HTML, JavaScript and many more. All you have to do is to discover the features of it and make your work more enjoyable and simpler than ever.
  • Add your videos to your page and enjoy the live preview of the content with the help of FLV playback.
  • Dreamweaver provides an opportunity to learn HTML via online seminars.

Dreamweaver is a free licensed application which can be easily downloaded. To download the Dreamweaver Cs5 click. In past, the Dreamweaver had some UI and proper functionality issues but with the passage of time thanks to the Adobe for owning it, all the bugs and errors are fixed and the program is fully optimized to work with.

Some System Requirement to install Dreamweaver CS5 on windows

To install the Dreamweaver on your computer make your all the system requirements ticks are checked.

  1. Your computer should be running on Windows XP/7/8/8.1 or windows 10.
  2. Your hard disk should have at least 1GB of free space to run the Dreamweaver properly.
  3. Your computer should have 512 Mb of RAM.

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