How to Repair Fallout 4 Power Armor | Customization Guide

fallout is a great game that we all love playing it. Especially it provides hug variety of customizing approximately everything in the game whether it is weapons or your characters’ Armour or power station. So, while playing your favourite game you got to mess with some giants in the game, and you got your Armour damage which makes your epic suit look ugly. So, where to get it repaired? Is it possible to get it done? Well, the answer is Yes! We have got you to cover you up with this problem, in the end, we all love it. Fallout 4 was an epic game of 2015 which was highly rated with amazing graphics and strategic gameplay. You can call it a gift to the gamers of that time period.

How to Repair fallout Power Armour suit

So, you have been messing with your enemy in the vast wasteland and got your suit damaged – now you ended up sitting on a tree-like an ape to figure this out. Well, the solution is very simple and easy to follow. Just follow the step and you will be there in few moments to get it done.

  • You might have seen power station while wandering in the game or must have discovered it at the start of the game. If you haven’t don’t worry, you will find it out soon. Start searching for Power Armour station you can find them at many places like garages and Brotherhood of Steel bases.
  • Once, you have discovered/found the power station in the game. Approach that station and get out of the suit by pressing the E if you are on PC. For Xbox one A, and for PS4 X.
  • When you exit the suit, you will get to see the crafting menu on the suit. This menu has a lot of things you can do to customize your suit by using different materials like aluminium. Try to be close to the suit so should see the menu. Open the menu appearing on the screen. By pressing the key you will enter into the crafting menu.
  • Once you are on the crafting menu, it will show you the parts of the suit that are damaged along with the health bar on the left. Now start looking for the pieces that need to be repaired. Just click on the required button to get the damaged part repaired with the crafting material. Sometimes, Power armour repairs require materials that includes, steel or aluminium or most advanced power armour suit may require materials that are rare in the game like nuclear materials. You will have to find such materials in the game to help you to repair your suits.

By following these easy steps you can get your suit repaired easily and can get back to the field to smash the enemies.

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