How to Disable Software Reporter Tool?

How to Disable Software Reporter Tool in Chrome

Before we head over to know how to disable the Chrome software reporter tool first we should know what is software reporter tool and what its purpose? Now let’s understand what is software reporter tool? While jigs can manage and inspect their PC on their own, very often it is seen that general consumer is tricked into installing malware from the internet and as a result, chrome gets infected by harmful extensions and software that can change the search engine, add managers toolbar, replace the new tab with the costume web page and bring a score of ads and redirects from all the corners. All these changes hijacked Chrome from working properly. To tackle this problem, whenever you install the chrome browser software reporter tool is installed automatically on your PC. Software reporter tool is such a tool which scans the installed programs on your computer in the background and removes the harmful ones if they are interacting with chrome crucially. In other words, software reporter tool works like an anti-virus but its scope is only limited to the smooth functioning of chrome.

Why you should disable the software reporter tool?

Many users have reported about the software reporter that it is constantly running in the background and creating crucial CPU resources. Also, it usually hogs around 20 to 60% CPU usage even when the PC is sitting idle

Even a user raised the issue on twitter and found that chrome was even scanning the files inside the documents folder.

Software reporter tool can make your PC perform sluggishly and even irresponsive. Basically, software reporter tool scans all the files and sends the results to Google for browser performance. Which can be the privacy matter for the users.

 High CPU usage from the chrome software reporter tool is a huge problem for many users even for those with beefy PC specs. These are all the reasons that you should get this executable disabled from your computer immediately.

How to disable software reporter tool?

There are three ways of getting rid of the executable file, we can easily remove or block the software reporter tool from running in the background and straining your PC. Below, both of them are explained and shown visually.

Method 1: We can remove the elevated permission of the software reporter folder so that chrome loses access to it.

First of all, move to the file explorer and open up the c drive.

Next, click on the View tab and enable the hidden folder it will allow you to access the hidden folders.

Now, open the users’ folder and move to your user folder.

After that follow the path that is given below


Another way to find the executable is:

Go to Start menu and search for Run. Open it and paste the path given below.

 First of all, go into a start and search for RUN. When you have opened the Run box paste this directory.


%localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\SwReporter

  • once you are there, right-click on Software_Reporter_tool and go into properties.
  • Now move to the security tab and click on advanced.
  • Here click on Disable Inheritance, and then click on Remove all inherited permissions from this object.
  • Finally, apply these changes and click on the OK button.

You have successfully disabled chrome software reporter tool from the running in the background and it won’t spike your CPU again.  

If you are not satisfied with the 1st method, then there is another method to disable this executable file of chrome installed on your computer.

Method 2: Registry hijack

The second method is to modify the chrome registry. To do so follow the step and it will get your job done easily.

Press the Windows key once and type Registry in the search box.

Now click on Run as an administrator.

 Once you have opened the registry, copy the path given below and paste it in the registry address bar and hit enter.

Once you are in chrome folder, right-click in the open pane and select new here choose DW word which is of 32 bit.

After that, name it to chrome cleanup enabled, having done that enter zero in the Value data and click on the OK button.

Again create DW word value and that is to be 32 bit similar to step previously we did. Now name it chrome cleanup reporting enabled. Here too enter zero in the Value data field.

Now close your registry and restart your computer. This time chrome software reporter tool will be disabled and won’t start in the background and keeping the CPU calm and quiet.

Method 3: Deleting software reporter tool files

Another way of fixing this issue is by deleting all the contents of software reporter tool. This method is more simple and short.

  1. First of all, open the notepad and then open the software reporter tool folder via notepad by following the given path below.
  2. %localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\SwReporter.
  3. Once you have found the required folder. Select the software_reporter_tool_.exe and open it up.
  4. Press ctrl+A and delete all the content contained in it.

But you should be aware that, this method is temporary as all the files will be re-downloaded when the newer version of chrome browser will be installed on your computer.

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