PUBG Update 1.0 is coming with Huge Improvements and Reduced Lag

Pubg mobile also known as “PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND” is one of the most played mobile games of this present time. No doubt, this game has made everyone go banana with its amazing gameplay and exclusive graphics. But guess what? Pubg is coming with a huge update to improve the gameplay and visuals performance even better. The officials of the Pugs say this update is going to reduce the lag up to 70%. let’s quickly dig into the features and the changes that Pubg is going to make in the upcoming update.

Things that are going to be improved in Pubg update 1.0

  • Players’ characters are going to be improved immensely in this update.
  • Smokes, explosions, and grenades flame will be improved visually to make the gameplay more realistic.
  • New changes will be brought to the scope sensitivity and its angle.
  • A lot of environmental changes will be made to make the gaming experience even better visually. Water, bushes, and the vegetation will come with huge improved graphics. As Pubg says it’s going to change the entire experience of the game positively.
  • A 30% increase in the frame rate will be found after the update is out.

Pubg update 1.0 about Lag problem

With this upcoming update, it clearly seems that Pubg is really looking forward to solving the lag problem players face in the game. In fact, they have stated that they have done a lot of improvements to reduce the lag as much as it is possible. In this new upcoming update of 1.0 lag will be decreased up to 70% which is a huge improvement. This update won’t only make the gameplay better but also the players with low specs machines would be able to enjoy the lag-free gaming experience of Pubg.

Pubg update Date

The officials state that the Pubg update 1.0 will be out by 8th September. Read more about Pubg update 1.0.

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