Rapid Typing 5 Tutor – Software Review

When it comes to typing on screen the world everyone needs to be accurate and fast while doing it. In order to learn some typing skills, someone has to take the lesson so they can perform well at it even without looking at the keyboard. Rapid typing 5 is a program that comes handy which can sharpen anyone typing skills either it is a beginner or an advanced typist. This typing tutor program has a very simple interface that is easy for even kids to get familiar with.

Rapid typing 5 Lessons

It has a series of typing lessons to let you teach the typing step by step. It starts with teaching the right placement of fingers on the keyboard so the users can concentrate on the screen, not on the keyboard which actually reduces the speed. After learning about the right placement of fingers, it starts giving the groups of letters which are located next to each other. At the end of the exercise, the colourful screen will appear with results to improve your performance in the next lesson. Rapid typing 5 is just not for beginners but also the experts can practice their skills by adding their own lessons. Moreover, an instructor can create a group and add students to them.


Rapid typing 5 supports a variety of languages which includes the Arabic and Bosnian language with the update fixes. Moreover, it also supports the Hebrew keyboard layout. It has a variety of keyboard layout users can change it whenever needed.

The Interface of Rapid Typing 5

Rapid typing 5 has a nice normal interface followed by simplicity. While taking a lesson on rapid typing 5 some colorful images and animation appear in the background which can be a distraction for the learner. Fortunately, the user can disable it and set the background with blank white or black background.

Extra information about Rapid typing 5:

Rapid typing is a free program that anyone can buy and use it for their learning purposes. A user doesn’t require to acquire the license to use the program as it is free of cost and license-free.


  • Supports various languages.
  • Variety of keyboard layouts available.
  • Colorful interface with detailed statistics of your performance.


  •  Not appropriate for users with advanced typing skills.

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