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yandex disk 3.1.5 Download for windows

What is Yandex?

Yandex is a free to use application that allows its users to upload their images, documents or files and save on Yandex cloud servers so you can access them wherever you are on any device. Yandex Disk also keeps your files secure with minimal effort from the users end and share them with your friends and family or whoever you choose.

The services yandex cloud offers are similar to Dropbox or Google Drive. Yandex Disk offers an initial 3gb cloud storage space which increases to 10gb upon installing the desktop client which is available on their website. This service also allows you to sync Your Yandex mail account so you can easily send and receive files via mail and keep them securely stored on your personal cloud.

Yandex is not only limited to web browsers or desktops it is also available for mobile devices. You can set up the mobile version to automatically sync your valuable data to the Yandex Cloud. This will make sure that you data is secured in the event that you lose your device or do not have access to it.

Any useful features of yandex disk 3.1.5?

Let’s talk features now, Yandex is focused on providing a seamless and best possible experience for its users, from the design to use user experience and seamless interactions between all the platform it supports. This sets Yandex apart from the competitors. Adding to the list of features another thing that sets Yandex apart is the constant updates and the quick support that it offers as well as a large community that uses this platform for their everyday needs, from large corporations to individuals.

Where did it come from?

Yandex Disk is part of a large group of products from Yandex, which is a main search engine in Russia which is the prime contender to replace the default search engine on Apple devices being sold in Russia. Once uploaded to Disk, the files can subsequently be accessed from any internet enabled devices. Like the integration that we’ve seen from attachments.me to automatically save email attachments to services like Dropbox and Box, Yandex.Disk also automatically saves email attachments from users’ Yandex.Mail accounts — a service that is on top of that 10GB allowance. Yandex says it will be adding more of its own services to that list in the future.

Seeing how Yandex controls more than 60 percent of the search market they are in a position to provide services of epic scale.

How to use Yandex Disk

The first step is registering the account, so head over to the Yandex website and create a free account, there are only a few fields to be filled to get started to get that out of the way. Then download Yandex Disk on your desired platform, the download links can be found on their main website or any respective store on your device. For now let’s talk about the Desktop version. Install it and login to the account, select the folders you want synced with your Cloud and you are done. Just drag and drop anything in the selected folder and it is stored. 

What more can you use it for?

Other than keeping keeping your personal information safe and accessible you can also store online copies of your work or resume as well as your portfolio to be displayed at anytime to anyone when needed. Yandex Disk also allows you to share your work to be instantly added to the other users Cloud instead of wasting hours copying files to each use. Not only that it allows you to collaborate with your team and work together wherever you are.

Why should you choose Yandex Disk over other solutions?

For one it is owned by the Russian Search Engine Giant. Many larger corporations have switched over to Yandex Disk for its reliability and security. While other competitors claim the same most of them have been known for having issues all the while Yandex Disk stayed clean. Yandex Disk was also created keeping the non-technical users in mind which is why it offers a robust yet minimal interface to easily familiarize yourself with the application to get up and running in no time.

Another major reason to choose Yandex is its instant support from the developers and the community. If you are having a problem getting started you can always refer to the large library of documentation or direct support from Yandex.

And lastly it is free. Well to some extent but after that it is more affordable than the other products in the same field. But even the free version is not riddled with Ads and comes clean without any bloatware.

My personal experience?

I have been using Yandex solutions for a while now, especially Yandex Disk. I use it for most of my daily needs such as transferring documents and larger files with my team and my family, it has allowed me to keep my professional files and my personal information separate.

More on the professional side, the service is faster than most that I have used and so far without any problems. I am amazed by what it offers and for the cost it is a steal. For most users the free version is enough and will suffice for most of their needs.

Would I recommend it to others?

The simple answer is yes. You have to use it to experience what it has to offer. It also integrates with other popular products and offers a seamless flow with other Yandex products. From security to reliability and ease of use, there is close to nothing that Yandex Disk cannot achieve in terms of cloud storage.

To sum up this article and tell you what it basically is, think of it as a free digital online security locker. You have the code, you own the content, you can access the content from anywhere and  never have to worry about anything else when it comes to storing and keeping your data and information safe.

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